MAZAK CELL 510 (used)

2D/3D laser cutting

Updated: 28.06.2016 16:34:07

Year: 1998

Location: Menomonee Falls, WisconsinUnited States

Machine state: used

Product Description

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Model: CELL 510

Type: Laser Load/Unload Systems

Year: 1998

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Location: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin United States

Stock #: UW3589-144

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Load Unload General Specifications:
Max. Material Thickness 1/2” Mild Steel
Max. Material Size 5’ x 10’

Machine Side (for one machine):
• Table for loader with 50 mm support pitch
• Clamps for Load/Unload
• Clamp sensors
• Cell interface
• Auto "Power OFF"

Load/Unload Transfer Side:
• Suction cup loader and rake unloader
• 208 inch travel distance to allow processing for one laser cutting machine
• Stationary loading and unloading tables - 4400 lbs. capacity/each
• Sequence computer to allow: M-Code program activation, Manual activation
• Load/Unload capacity equal to machine table size by 1/2 inch mild steel

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