2D/3D laser cutting

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Year: 2012

Location: WisconsinUnited States

Machine state: used

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Type: Laser Cutters

Year: 2012

Control: CNC (PREVIEW 2)

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Location: Wisconsin United States

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Sheet-W: 62 "

Sheet-L: 122 "

Wattage: 4000 w

IPM: 4724 inpm

X-Travel: 122.5 "

Y-Travel: 62.2 "

Z-Travel: 4.33 "

Dimensions: 394" x 240"

Weight: 33,069 lbs

Control: CNC (PREVIEW 2)

4000 watt Mazak Optiplex 3015 Fiber laser cutting system
4000 watt IPG resonator, Preview II control
Manufactured December 2012, installed new in 2013

Machine structure: Flying optics
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 60.030” x 120.078”
Maximum workpiece weight: 2,050 lbs.
Machine travels
X-axis: 122.5”
Y-axis: 62.20”
Z-axis: 4.33”
Work table height: 35.43”
Maximum material thickness
Mild steel: 1.00”
Stainless steel: 0.750”
Aluminum: 0.630”
Motion drive system design
X, Y Axis: Rack and Pinion drive
Z Axis: Ball screw drive
Number of control axes: 3
Rapid travel speed
X, Y Axis: 4,724 Inches per minute
Positioning accuracy:
X,Y Axis: 0.0002 inch/19.68 inch
Z Axis: 0.0004 inch/3.94 inch
Repeatable Accuracy
X, Y Axis: 0.0012”
Maximum processing feedrate
X, Y axis: 2,362 IPM
Total electrical requirement: 55 kVA
Installation dimensions (W x D): 394 inches x 240 inches
Machine unit dimensions: 334.21 inches x 137.2 inches x 79.13 inches
Machine unit weight: 33,069 lbs.
CNC type: MAZATROL Preview 2
CPU: 64 bit
Display screen: 15” Color LCD
Memory capacity: 16 GB (Program memory capacity: 1 GB)
Position detection system: Encoder
Minimum command unit: 0.0001”
Program input system: EIA/ISO

4000 watt Mazak Optiplex 3015 Fiber laser for sale. The Optiplex is Mazak's high speed flying optics fiber laser. This machine is equipped with a 4000 watt IPG Fiber resonator capable of cutting up to 1" steel and 0.630" aluminum. The manufacture date is December of 2012 so this machine was installed new in 2013