MAZAK OPTIPLEX 3015 (used)

2D/3D laser cutting

Updated: 05.05.2016 16:37:13

Year: 2014

Location: Alton, Illinois United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

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Model: OPTIPLEX 3015

Type: Laser Cutters

Condition: Excellent

Year: 2014

Serial #: 254822

Control: CNC (MAZATROL Preview 3 )

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Location: Alton, Illinois United States

Return Policy: as-is

Stock #: M-49899

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Sheet-W: 60.04 "

Sheet-L: 120.1 "

Wattage: 4000 hp

IPM: 4724 inpm

X-Travel: 122 "

Y-Travel: 62.2 "

Z-Travel: 4.33 "

Dimensions: 334.21 in x 137.2 in x 79.13 in

Weight: 36376

Control: CNC (MAZATROL Preview 3 )

S/N: 254822
Year 2014

Machine Structure: Flying Optics

Laser type: CO2 Gas

Maximum Workpiece Dimensions: 60.039 in x 120.078 in

Maximum Workpiece Weight: 2,050 lbs.

Machine Travels: X axis 122.046 in

Y axis 62.2 in

Z axis 4.33 in

Work Table Height: 35.4 in

Axial Feed Acceleration X, Y, Z: 1.2 G

Motion Drive System Design X, Y axis: Rack and Pinion Drive
Z axis Ball Screw Drive

Rapid Travel Rate X, Y axis: 4,724 ipm
Z axis 2,362 ipm

Positioning Accuracy X, Y axis: 0.002 in/19.68 in
Z axis 0.0004 in/3.94 in

Repeatable Accuracy X, Y, Z axis: 0.0012 in

Total Electrical Requirement: 76.0 kVA

Installation Dimensions W x D: 394 in x 240 in

Machine Dimensions W x D x H: 334.21 in x 137.2 in x 79.13 in

Machine Weight: 36,376 lbs.

Control: MAZATROL Preview 3
CPU 64 bit
Display Screen 15 in Color LCD (TFT)
Memory Capacity 16 GB (program memory capacity: 1 GB)
Position Detection System Encoder
Minimum Command Unit 0.0001 in
Program Input System EIA/ISO

Maximum Material Thickness *
Mild Steel in
Stainless Steel in
Aluminum in

Equipped with

Work Piece lifters – Ball transfers
Powered Conveyor System
High Accuracy Nozzle Kit (8 nozzles and 8 adapters)
Additional Servo Focus Torch Assembly (5” lens included)
RoboVent Plaser series PAL-2.5M5000-4 Dust Collector
Chiller Unit
2-Pallet Changer

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