MAZAK HCN 4000 (used)

Milling machines

Updated: 28.11.2016 17:29:07

Year: 2008

Location: Italy

Machine state: used

Product Description

TECHNICAL FEATURES Max size of work in particular: Diameter 630 mm Height 900 mm TABLE Length 400 mm Width 400 mm Max weight admitted 400 kg Ground clearance 1,120 mm FEATURES OF ACES X axis travel 560 mm Y-axis travel 630 mm Z-axis travel 640 mm Distance from spindle nose to table center: Maximum 710 mm Minimum 70 mm Distance from spindle center to table surface: Maximum 710 mm Minimum 80 mm + Rapid traverse: Axis X 60 m / min Y axis 60 m / min Z axis 60 m / min Axis acceleration X 0.8 G Y 0.8 G Z 0.8 G CHUCK STANDARD 18,000 RPM Maximum speed 18,000 rev / min Minimum speed 35 rev / min Cone attachment ISO 40 tool holders Speed ​​ranges 2 ranges electronic Power for 30 minutes of processing 30KW Power for continuous processing 22 KW Maximum torque 221 Nm Bearing internal diameter 70 mm TOOL MAGAZINE Storage Capacity 40 tools CAT 40 taper toolholder Max tool diameter: With adjacent tools 95 mm Without adjacent tools 150 mm Maximum weight 12 kg tool Maximum tool length 420 mm Tool selection RANDOM Tool change time (Chip-Chip) For tools weighing up to 6 kg 2.7 sec For tools weighing more than 12 kg 3.2 sec COOLING SYSTEM Tank capacity 500 lit External coolant pump: Motor power 0.73 KW Pressure 8.0 kg / cm2 Reach the junction tool 25 lit / min ELECTRIC POWER DEMAND Continuous 56.9 KVA For 30 minutes 63.9 KVA AIR SUPPLY DEMAND Pressure 5 kg / cm2 Capacity 200 lit / min MACHINE DIMENSIONS STANDARD Height 2,791 mm Width 2,160 mm Length 4,463 mm Weight 9,500 kg COMPOSITION MACHINE Control Mazatrol MATRIX NEXUS USB (2 ports) LAN port Automatic presetting tool Mazak Through spindle coolant (15 bar) Pallet change 2 positions with safety guards Cooling through the recirculating ball screws X, Y, Z Spindle cooling unit Workpiece table - 0,001grado (360,000 positions) Chip conveyor rear CONSEP 2,000 YEAR: 2008 MACHINE STATUS: GOOD AVAILABILITY ': ready VALID OFFER: Unless Sold MACHINE EQUAL TO EEC RULES AND BEARS THE CE. Technical specifications and economic conditions are subject to change without notice.